Saturday, July 31, 2010

Adventuring with my Parents

Since my parents are here this weekend, I am trying to help them visit many of the main tourist attractions in London. So we had a very busy day today!

We started out our adventures by taking a bus to Hyde Park Corner. This gave my parents the opportunity to ride on the top level of one of the infamous, red, double-decker buses.

We then walked from Hyde Park Corner gate, past Wellington Arch and the Memorial Gate to Buckingham Palace for the Changing of the Guard Ceremony. We arrived very early and staked out a place along the fence to get a better view of the actual ceremony.

The crowds were intense, and we got jostled and crunched, so they didn't have the best view, but I was able to get some pictures with their camera.

We left just as the bands were parading out, and headed along our way to Trafalgar Square. Here they were able to see Nelson's Column, as well as a few neat statues and buildings. After that we made our way to Covent Garden Market.

Covent Garden Market was similar to Camden Gardens with its crowds and different foods. We saw a few street performers, ate lunch, and then wandered around the stalls before heading back towards Trafalgar square.

From Trafalgar we walked to the Parliament/Big Ben, Westminster Abbey and the London Eye.

By this point we were all a bit tired from walking around, so we took a bus back towards where they are staying and they had the chance to enjoy some 'Fish & Chips' before heading back to their room to just relax for a bit.

Hopefully I didn't wear them out too much, as I will be taking them out adventuring again tomorrow!

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  1. loved the london eye! largest and felt like the slowest ferris wheel on the face of this earth