Friday, July 2, 2010

The V&A Musuem

As you may or may not know, a lot of museums in London are free! Unfortunately, many of them close by 6:00pm which makes them very difficult to visit if you work during the day. However, on Fridays the Victoria and Albert Museum stays open until 10pm so that is where I decided to go this evening. It was definitely an amazing choice. After walking around the museum for two hours I still had not seen everything, but I decided that I could come back another day and see more so I headed home.
One of the current displays at the museum is called Architects Build Small Places. Throughout the V&A there are little small structures built by architects that you can walk into and explore. At the time I went there were not very many lines (or queues as the locals would say) so I was able to go in many of them. In almost all of them it was a requirement to remove your shoes before entering, which I, of course, was happy to do.
One of the structures (as you can see above) was made completely out of cut down trees! Another was structured like a small Roman villa. The most unique one was the small shed that had live musicians as part of the display! There was a guitarist and a violinist playing in it!

Throughout the rest of the exam there were displays from different countries such as Japan, China, Italy, etc... I also saw an exhibit of blown glass which was pretty. A lot of other displays had a religious theme to them and I got to see many intricate crucifix sculptures and old mitres, chalices and other such things. Even a Revelations picture book! (That's not what it was called, but it was a big tri-fold where someone had done an illustrated version of Revelations.)
There is still so much more to explore in the V&A and I can't wait to visit again!

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