Thursday, July 22, 2010

Where oh where has Sharon been?

I feel like a MatLab super-hero after all I have accomplished this week at work. However, as I was pulling long hours preparing for a meeting for yesterday, I have not been anywhere that adventurous or fun to post about. So, you get to see... *drum roll please*... the Imperial College Campus! HOORAY! Mostly because that is all I have seen this week.

I had posted a picture of the outside of my research building before, but despite it's ancient appearance the inside is quite modern looking. Here's the hallway where I work:
I work on the third floor of the building, though here in London you do not enter buildings on floor one. To get to floor one you climb one flight of stairs. So when I say I work on the third floor, I mean I climb three flights of stairs to get to my hallway:The campus itself is a bit more compact than Delaware. Most of the main science buildings are all connected by a walkway that is above street level:There is also a small 'quad' near the library that is sadly not quite as beautiful or large as UD's green:So now you have gotten to view a little bit of my everyday-life. Tomorrow starts the weekend, and therefore I will have more exciting pictures and posts coming soon!


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