Sunday, July 18, 2010

The British Museum

Another Saturday here in London. I spent most of today in the British Museum exploring the Ancient Roman and Greek exhibits. Even though I haven't taken Latin in a few years, I still love that era of history. In addition to those exhibits I also wandered through some Egyptian, African, Chinese and Japanese exhibits. Oh, and I also got to see the famous Rosetta Stone!

After adventuring around the museum, I wandered around some of the nearby streets. I stopped in a computer sale that I saw a sign for, and learned a valuable lesson. If you are a female, never go to a really large computer sale by yourself. Literally half of the room stopped to stare at me when I walked in, and several guys abandoned the customers they were helping to ask if they could help me... oh well lesson learned.

After that adventure, I went to Regent's Park, which was quite nice.

It was like a cross between Hyde and Battersea, but since it is far away I probably won't visit it as often. It is also near Baker Street, so I went there to see the Sherlock Holmes Museum, however the line was extraordinarily long, so I decided against it, and just took a picture of the outside. I spent my evening sketching in Hyde Park and just relaxing. I hope you all had a fantastic Saturday as well! Cheers!

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