Monday, July 26, 2010

Lazy Sunday Afternoon ...

Ever had one of those days where you sit staring mindlessly at the computer playing repeated games of solitaire and don't feel like doing anything? Yeah that was yesterday evening for me. So since I was being lazy, I'll tell you about yesterday's adventuring today!

In the morning I decided to try a different style Church service. So I wandered off to a place known locally as 'The Oratory'...

The service I attended had everything except for the Bible readings and sermon in Latin! Also, everything that was in Latin, was sung. Definitely a different and fun experience for me!

After church I wandered over to the FUSE music/art festival being held in Kensington Gardens. While it was much smaller than it seemed like it would be from the advertisements, it was enjoyable to wander around. I listened to some steel drum music, saw a dance troupe perform and made badges/buttons (whatever you want to call them).

The event was right next to the round pond, so I watched some ducks and swans swim around as well.

After that I went back to my dorm and just relaxed, because sometimes you need time to sit back and do nothing.


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