Saturday, July 10, 2010

Out and About in London

I learned my lessons from last week, so no more 15 mile walking adventures to report about. However, I didn't just sit in my room all day either...

Today, I started out by visiting Buckingham Palace again to see the changing of the Guard ceremony. Thinking ahead, I went early so that I could get a good spot. Well I picked out a spot next to the area they were clearing.... and got a great view of the procession in and the procession out, but not of the actual ceremony. I guess that will be a lesson to learn for another visit.

The next place I decided to adventure to was the Monument. This was probably my best decision of the day. (Thanks Amanda for the recommendation!) I proudly climbed all 311 steps to the top, and they even gave me a certificate! They gave everyone else that climbed the monument a certificate also, but that is beside the point. I enjoyed glancing around and seeing London from above.

I also had the amusing experience of finding myself being the subject of many tourists photographs today. Outside of the Monument, there is a little area with benches. In that little area of benches sits a piano with the words 'Play me I'm Yours!' painted in big bold letters across it. So, naturally, I sit down to play. There didn't seem to be anyone really around, so I just played my little heart out, enjoying this opportunity to play an instrument, since I couldn't bring any with me. When I finished playing, I look up to find about 20 different people around me, with cameras out, photographing my musings. One person even decided to come up and ask me if it was my job to sit there and play piano for people. Oh those poor poor people... I had to disappoint and inform that: 1) this is not my job 2) I am not British 3) I don't actually play piano... maybe I should have just donned a fake British accent and pretended.

After that adventure, I wandered over to St. Paul's Cathedral and walked around. While wandering I found a cute little tea shop to visit. I headed back to my dorm (by bus! you should be proud of me) and thus ended my touristy adventures. In the evening my roommate and I made a salad... but that is a story for another time.


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