Friday, July 16, 2010

Live every day... Love every day

Today was another fun day, as Fridays usually are. The group of us who came over for the Delaware/Imperial Exchange went out for lunch today with a few members from the Undergraduate Research office here. The restaurant was called 'Giraffe', and, while I find that an odd name for a restaurant, the food was very good and I have a little plastic giraffe that is meant to go in a drink, but I asked the waiter if I could have one even though I only had water and tea. We attempted to get a group photo, but unfortunately, it seems the waiter failed to capture all of our faces in the photo, but I love the quote on the wall behind us: Live every day... Love every day...

That seems to sum up the summer thus far living, loving and exploring London. I had another fun Friday Museum night. I left work a bit earlier than usual (as I had already put in quite a few hours throughout the week) and first visited the Natural History Museum. I didn't stay there very long, as looking at big stuffed dead animals really isn't the most exciting thing to me. So instead I wandered back to the V&A again. Since I arrived before six, I got to see some of the exhibits that close later in the evening, and that was awesome.
I thought this display of flattened musical instruments suspended from the ceiling was neat. I also finally got to walk through the sculpture exhibit. The China exhibit is still closed though. The other galleries I saw were of British art and things found in British homes in older time periods, as well as jewelry and iron work. It was yet another well spent evening at the museum!

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  1. hmmm i'm still contemplating if i should ask dan r. if we can borrow his french horn...