Sunday, August 1, 2010

More Fun with My Parents

My parents and I started out our morning with a tube ride to St. Paul's Cathedral where we attended a morning service.
The cathedral is gorgeous both inside and out, however they don't allow photographs inside.

After the service we wandered back towards Parliament/Westminster area along Jubilee Walkway. This allowed us to enjoy a walk along the River Thames. Along our walk we found some neat music and art, like this little city replica made out of bricks:
After lunch, we decided to go see the National Galleries since we had a bit of spare time. When we arrived in Trafalgar Square, it was even busier than yesterday as a steel drum festival was going on!
We listened to some of the steel bands play and then wandered to just a few exhibits in the museum (mostly the big names like Monet, da Vinci and Michelangelo). We finished our main adventuring of the day by going to Westminster Abbey for the organ recital, which was phenomenal.

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  1. all that little replica is missing is godzilla. ::nods::