Saturday, August 7, 2010

Tate Britain and the River Thames

 In the morning, I visited the Tate Britain which is one of the four Tate modern art museums. This Tate ranked a little higher than the Tate Modern by my standards, but still was not one of my favorites of the museums in London. There was a very large display of art pieces by Turner, which were quite good, however the museum does not allow photography in most of the exhibits.

  My favorite thing I saw while visiting, was the film Guards, created by Francis Alÿs. In the film 64 British Royal Guards (the ones with the red jackets and bearskin hats) are released into London with the task of finding each other. Whenever they encounter another guard, they must begin to march in step together as a unit. Once all of the guards have formed into the same unit, they march to the nearest bridge and disperse.

I also did a bit of wandering along the Thames and a few other streets as well. London is a fun city to wander through as you never know what beautiful old buildings you may happen across.

It rained for the majority of the afternoon and evening, so I did not adventure anywhere else today. 

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