Monday, August 2, 2010

Last Day to Venture with My Parents

I was able to take a half day today and spend the afternoon with my parents on their last day in London.

When I got off work, we went to the Harrods which is this (apparently) famous department store. The store itself is the size of a mall, and the stuff being sold is extraordinarily expensive. So after a brief look and going to see the Krispy Kreme shop, we left and headed to Piccadilly Circus.From Piccadilly we walked to Hamleys Toy Store (the big one I talked about last week) and then on to Oxford Circus. We returned from Oxford Circus to the area where my University is and then finished off our evening with some 'Traditional English Food' from Garfunkel's.

It was amazing to get to have my parents here for a few days, and will miss them as they head back to the States in the morning.