Thursday, August 5, 2010

'Home' Sweet 'Home'?

I'm going to become spoiled:
Yes, I am that lucky. Every other week someone comes to vacuum my room and dispose of my trash...I mean rubbish...

A couple of weeks ago I posted some pictures of campus, so I figured that this week, I would share a little bit of my 'home' life here in London. Not only is my room cleaned for me, the room that I share with only one other person is very large. Having only a suitcase worth of stuff seems to exaggerate the amount of space as well.

They also provided us with a bedding pack (not exactly my favorite color, but not going to complain when it meant less I had to pack!) and a kitchen pack.

We share the kitchen with three other rooms of people, but it is a nice size kitchen and quite the improvement after last summer's kitchenette.

All the appliances are full size and work as they should. There is also another line of counter-space on the other side of the room.

Not everything is exactly as you would expect in the U.S. though. When first arriving, I dropped my suitcase in my room and headed across the hall to the room labeled 'Bathroom'. I opened the door to this:

Yes, literally just a room with a bathtub in it. Not exactly what I was expecting, but the door label was definitely not a misnomer!

So be forewarned if you travel to London, that the bathroom is literally a place for bathing, and if you have to use the toilet, it is in its own separate 'toilet' room. Oh, and when you want to flush, that's what the chain hanging from the tank on the ceiling is for:


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